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Cushion inventor Frank Rudy was first proposed - to enhance the use of inflated air cushion running shoes shock resistance. A year later, Nike Air will set off a revolution in sports footwear.

Nike Air professional air contains a special gas. High-pressure manner poured into a tough synthetic rubber. The key reason for the success of Nike Air Technology is a professional Nike Air Cushion, the special molecules gap slightly larger than the volume of gas synthetic rubber layer, so that the gas cushion will not be lost. Nike Air gas molecules absorb external vibration and shock pressure, and then quickly restore the original look, and prepare for the next shock absorption. At the same time, it will end up with the life cycle of the shoes worn.

Nike Air Max: Air Max is a nike air cushion technology, based on the capacity of the size of cushion points. Nike air max is the maximum capacity of that cushion. Nike air max have the application running shoes, such as Nike air max 360, also has applications in basketball shoes, such as Nike air max 90, also has applications in the retro trend shoes, such as Nike air max90, Nike air max 95 and many more.

Nike Air Force 1: Air Force 1 was born in 1982, being deeply rooted in basketball. Air Force 1, Nike has been exquisite workmanship technology is fundamental. Ambitious, durable, and beyond, bold, consistent and pure. These qualities are injected into the "original six" Air Force 1 series. That every word is a technical level, the need for genuine design and innovation, in order to create superior performance.

Nike Air Jordan: Trapeze (Air Jordan) is one of Nike's series that named by Michael Jordan, the most famous NBA star in the history. Core product that athletes and the perfect combination of technology, the history of basketball's most dazzling star Michael Jordan, and the accompanying experience brilliant career of superstar basketball shoes, highlighted his relentless pursuit of functionality, innovation and achievement.

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